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The Oxford Art Book, the second in the City Art Book Series will be launched in its home city on September 13th 2018.

Tickets for The Oxford Book Launch (Tickets are free but have to be booked) will be available on July 2nd from the website


The Oxford Art Book will show Oxford and around through the eyes of 66 artists that the city inspires. From an open selection process over 96 artists submitted 500 amazing contemporary images for consideration for inclusion in the book.

A panel of local city and art experts selected a final selection of images for publication. The result will be a vibrant book to celebrate Oxford and its surrounds through the eyes of the artists it inspires. The book is created and Edited by Emma Bennett and will be published by UIT/Green Books, Cambridge.

We are delighted to announce that Emma Bridgewater, world renouned pottery designer and founder of the Emma Bridgewater company has written the foreword to The Oxford Art Book.

Other comments about the book:

'There’s a feast within these pages, celebrating the great city of Oxford and the artists it inspires; open your eyes and rejoice'. Miriam Margolyes 

‘A dreamy, inspiring ode to the dreamy spires.’ Helen Fielding

'Oxford is a victim of its beauty: the pavements crammed with bemused tourists, filthy buses jamming the streets. But the artists behind these images have not been deterred: this is a treasury of new ways of seeing' Jeremy Paxman

'What a nice idea, Oxford's so lovely, it makes me feel very nostalgic'. Rick Stein

"Oxford may well be the most consciously beautiful city in Europe, and I get a daily kick out of wandering round its streets.  It’s a brilliant idea to let today’s artists show us the grand sights - and the intimate ones as well"  John Simpson

The Edinburgh Art Book is now in development and soon the call will go out for The Liverpool Art Book, so do get in touch!



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The Oxford Art Book


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Map for The Oxford Art Book by Jenny Seddon http://www.jennyseddon.com/


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Panel Meeting for The Oxford Art Book